Posted by: Anna Webb | May 25, 2009

Hawai’i Blues


Pacific Ocean view SE Hawai'i's Big Island

Pacific Ocean view SE Hawai'i's Big Island

I had to go out on the lanai yesterday and take photos. An easterly breeze graced us and blew out the vog/haze that had blanketed us for about a week or so and it was just so BLUE!

I never cease to be amazed at the color of the Pacific Ocean on the East side of Hawai’i’s Big Island. It is a beautiful sight no matter which side of the island you are on, if the view isn’t obscured by vog, but particularly vibrant here in this area. Sometimes it is so deep blue, it carries a purple hue. I realized that is why so many artists who paint scenes of Red Road utilize shades of purple in their work.

I’m originally from Midwest U.S. and we were hard pressed to ever see a true blue sky, you know, that “deep blue” to the point where you can almost see the stars in the daytime. If so, it would be either in Spring or Fall before the stagnant heat of Summer or the moist cold of Winter would set in and trap the pollution in a dome overhead.

In Hawai’i, however, we are graced with an open blue sky and deep blue ocean most of the time. And, the deeper the ocean the deeper color of blue will be viewed. That’s why the ocean looks more teal and aqua in shallower spots such as are found on the West side.

Shades of blue and green are considered to be healing colors. It can have a positive affect on our moods. For example, it’s hard to have a “bad day” when everywhere you look it’s just so beautiful and healing. It puts a smile on everyone’s face.

I’ve actually seen the sky become a neon color of blue when driving up the Hamakua Coast gazing up toward Mauna Kea and also in Kapoho once. I’m not certain what causes it to become that color scientifically speaking, but it’s one of the most inspiring colors I’ve ever seen. It could be when there is colder air because both times were in Winter months.


Neon Blue Sky at Kapoho

Neon Blue Sky at Kapoho

In addition, the icy aqua color of the waves turning into a frothy snow white on the black lava rocks is just “hands down” a dramatically wondrous sight to behold.


Icy or "Mint" Blue Ocean Waves with Snow White Breakers

Icy or "Mint" Blue Ocean Waves with Snow White Breakers

Some friends back on mainland told me they assumed the photos from Hawai’i or postcards had been “enhanced” to heighten the color. No! What you see is what you get! That’s what makes this next photo so astounding; it’s all real, folks!


Blue Sky Backdrop for Fresh Pink Blooms and Greenery

Blue Sky Backdrop for Fresh Pink Blooms and Greenery

Just as aroma therapy aids us through our sense of smell, color therapy aids us visually. I’ve found it interesting and helpful to review the various colors, their meanings and their healing properties.

The website link at the bottom of this article  provides us with a veritable wealth of “color” information. Of blue, these properties are mentioned:

Timeless Blue
Sky – spirituality, tranquility, immaterial, mystical
Water – coolness, fluidity, cleanliness

Do we all have perfect days? No. However, I suggest the next time you are feeling a bit “blue” in Hawai’i that you go out and soak in some Hawai’i blues! I KNOW you’ll feel much mo’ bettah.


  1. You hit the proverbial nail right on the proverbial head, Anna…..

    It’s true. I have never seen bluer blues than our blue skies and ocean waters……

    There is one particular spot between Pepeekeo and Honomu that when you drove under a certain overpass and come out on the other side, conditions are such that the blue of both sky and ocean hits you square on!


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