Posted by: Anna Webb | July 19, 2009

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I have finally been able to get my blog subscription working properly. For those of you who wish to receive email notification when a new blog is posted, please scroll down the right hand column. You will see a link to “Subscribe to The Daily Flow by Email”. Click here and a box will pop up for you to enter your email address and a security word.

It’s done!



  1. Hi Anna, Love the blog spot! Will there be any information here about the spiritual side of the Islands? My son happened to give a lift to a Kahuna who in turn took him to an ancient graveyard where whites were not allowed. My son felt very honored by this man’s gesture. Maybe the Kahuna saw something that I missed with my son. LOL Surprised to see the islanders use the words “no worries” just as the Australians do. Jo

  2. Hi Jo! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’ll be getting to the “Pele” side of things soon enough. I’ve been working just to get into my own flow of blogging on a regular basis, my goal being to blog daily.
    I’m so glad your son ended up on Kauai. I’m sure he has had an awesome time there. Clearly, Jerome has a pure spirit. The Hawaiian people are very special – open and sharing with those they trust.
    Much Aloha to you and yours “down under”.

  3. Great site! This certainly helps all keep up to date. Keep up the good work.


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