Posted by: Anna Webb | July 23, 2009

UPDATE: Catching Coqui

In my last blog I described the way in which a friend of a friend caught coqui frogs on his property. The missing “link” to the method was answered by Craig (thanks again) who suggested that coqui feed on fruit flies and that whatever attracts them will also attract the coquis to the area.

This evening I selected a 1 gallon black plastic pot which already had about an inch of dirt in the bottom. I taped up the drainage holes around the bottom of the pot on the outside with wide clear packing tape. I wiped out the dirt coating on the inside of the pot and sprayed the inside of the pot with WD 40 making sure to coat all around to the top. I placed some banana peel inside the bottom of the pot on top of the dirt.

I searched along the driveway for a good place to put it since some of the coqui’s were starting their early evening chirping. I selected a small grove of banana trees since I heard a few in there and nestled the pot down into the base of a tree with dead leaves around it. I probably could have set it out on my lanai since I spotted one hopping across it last night, creating a sense of urgency to give this a try!

I will report tomorrow if I have any frogs in my pot. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Pot empty this morning. There were sufficient amounts of fruit flies swarming the pot. However, the inside did NOT feel very slick from the WD40. I’m going to try vegetable oil this evening AND also make another one with a larger pot or bucket. It’s possible it wasn’t deep enough and they jumped out.

If anyone tries this at home, please submit comments and/or photos for me to post. I will update again tomorrow.


  1. Did you get anything?

  2. If you catch these little guys you can drop them off at my place

    The Lack

  3. Ok – good to know Tom.

    So far, no luck – I tried two night’s in a row. But my back has been a problem and I haven’t been able to aggressively try. I think I need a deeper pot/bucket.

    Thanks for everyone’s patience.


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