Posted by: Anna Webb | August 9, 2009

Update: Tropical Storm Felicia and Ridin’ the Storm Out

Current satellite image of Tropical Storm Felicia

Current satellite image of Tropical Storm Felicia

Today was an interesting day in regard to what was once Hurricane Felicia. She lost quite a bit of steam, structure and stamina then seem to regroup a bit and forge on.

A bit higher north than anticipated, it looks like the Big Island will miss a direct hit but likely other islands won’t be so lucky. Maui and Oahu stand to take the brunt of it, however, by the time she arrives she should only be packing winds between 25-40mph sustained. As anyone who’s lived here a while knows, that’s no big deal. The bigger issue will be torrential rains.

A good portion of the Big Island is composed of lava rock and drains the water well. More developed areas don’t drain so well. I feel it’s good to remind readers of a few tips regarding flooded roadways. First, do not drive your car into or through flooded areas. You cannot be sure how deep it is and a car can be swept away in a hurry. In alot of neighborhoods, sudden heavy rains can cause flash floods and what may begin as a small flow through a yard or on the side of the street can, without warning, become a small river. Avoid coastal roads and be aware waves can wash over them. And as tempting as it may be to surfers, do your family and friends a favor and don’t try to surf the “big one”, ’nuff said.

It’s best to do whatever you have to do early tomorrow then settle in for the afternoon and night. The effects are supposed to last into Wednesday. Even though the storm may go north of Big Island, it’s large and 100 miles or so in diameter so we’re likely to experience winds, storm surge and torrential rainfall.

Check out these satellite photos of Tropical Storm Felicia today. I couldn’t help but see a battle between Pele and Felicia just as she transitioned from a Hurricane to a tropical storm and lost her steam.


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