Posted by: Anna Webb | January 13, 2010

A Call for Prayer for the People of Haiti

I just wrote a blog about earthquakes last week. The piece was more focused on Hawaii but the information applied on a global level. Earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict and the results can be devastating.

I’m calling for my readers to join me in sending Love and Light via your favorite means; prayer, meditation, etc. The people within the poorest nation in the western hemisphere are likely ill equipped to handle this disaster especially since their hospital and red cross facilities are damaged.

There are times on this earth when we, as an interconnected body of people, must assist others. If we can’t donate funds, we can send a bit of our energy and good will and focused positive thoughts their way.

After having been hit with four hurricanes last year, this has basically leveled their towns, villages and cities. May God bless the people in this nation and assist them in finding the strength to survive.

Mahalo nui loa

Donate at this link to help the Haitians with their rescue and recovery effort:

Live blog Haiti


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