Posted by: Anna Webb | January 20, 2010

2010: Hawaii Hurricane Season: UPDATED 2/18/10

Note to readers: this system has moved on and is no longer an issue.

(original article below)

A stationary low sitting 1300 miles South of the Hawaiian Islands has the potential to develop into a tropical storm or hurricane, according to a news report last evening. The meteorologist stated that it is not unusual for this sort of development during an El Nino season.

Meteorologists are keeping an eye on the system and don’t expect anything to develop over the next 36 hours. I will update this blog as more information is received.

KHNL News article on this system

Central Pacific Hurricane Center

UH Meteorology Website


Bear in mind that predictions for the level of expected severity of Hawaii’s hurricane season will not be announced until May. At that time, NOAA will post an article based upon a variety of factors to decide if it will be a below normal, normal or above normal season.

Hang in there, we’ll find out soon enough. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Central Pacific Hurricane Center


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