Posted by: Anna Webb | February 27, 2010

Tsunami Warning Issued for all Hawaiian Islands

Deep ocean buoys are predicting many tsunamis (multiple waves which could last for up to 6-10 hours after the 1st one hits) generated from a Chile Earthquake 8.8 this evening. Civil defense warnings are on TV – All islands and the entire Island shorelines will be affected.

Warning center says we CAN EXPECT DECENT SIZED TSUNAMIS TO HIT HILO BAY AND ALL WRAP AROUND ISLAND SHORELINES – Estimated time of arrival is 11:19am Saturday February 27, 2010

More info from Charles McCreary at the tsunami center in Ewa Beach: flooding and damage possible for low lying coastline. Largest tsunami to cross the pacific since the Chile tsunami in 1960- a 9.5 quake. This one was an 8.8 so less magnitude but will still be dangerous. They will be checking the buoys to tell height, speed, and number of waves.
They will bend around the islands and create odd wave patterns as they continue to hit. This will be a danger to the coastline. No one should be hurt since there is so much time in advance.

Scheduled evacuation 6am Saturday morning. Sirens should start going off then.

UPDATE: They’ve changed Waikiki evacuations to vertical evacuation rather than leaving the area.

High tide at 2:30 which may add to the chaos of ocean surge. Gas stations running out of gas. All coast roads closed at 10am. Ships and most boats are moved out of harbor into ocean waters.

Remember: Do NOT go to the ocean at low levels to see the tsunami, or worse, to grab fish from the reefs as the water recedes before it hits!!!

Heads up – stay away from the shorelines.
Be well, stay safe.


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  1. Stay safe, Anna!

  2. OMG… Stay safe Anna.. and keep up updated. Call me if you can’t get online…

  3. Thank God for you Anna! You are a powerfull
    Light on this planet, keep up the good work, but
    more important be safe! Robyn and i have you and all of the islands wrapped in light.
    Our love, light, and prayers are with you!
    Myrna and Robyn


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