Posted by: Anna Webb | January 23, 2014

Largest Swell in a Decade Arrives on Hawaii Island Shores

It’s a surfer’s dream and a homeowner’s nightmare but regardless of perspective, 40-50ft. swell and record waves keep rolling in on the North Shores of several islands.

Buoys in the Pacific Ocean are an excellent way to get a head’s up on what to expect and rightly predicted the largest surf in a decade. Even though extremely dangerous current threatens, this is the stuff of which surfer’s dreams are made, especially on Oahu’s North Shore. Surfing “Pipe” is IT and with the Volcom Pipe Pro 2014 beginning on January 26th – February 7th, you can believe that many arrived early to take advantage of these ridiculous waves.

Bonzai Pipeline

Image from Pipe Masters 2013



This competition provides the opportunity for non-World Tour surfers to qualify for entry into the ultimate Pipe Masters event.




Meanwhile Southern California beaches brace for big surf, as well, and you can be sure every North Shore wanabe will honor the sport this weekend by rippin’ there, as well.

So far minimal damage is reported but with high winds and possible storms making landfall, anything is possible. After all, that’s what Winter is in Hawaii.

Central Pacific Radar

National Data Buoy Center


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