Posted by: Anna Webb | October 28, 2014

Breaking News: Lava now 70 yards from first Residential home in Pahoa Town

Aloha all – I’ve not been as active posting to the Daily Flow since relocating back to mainland. Given the current daily flow of the July 27th eruption into Pahoa Town, it’s time to resume posting.

I lived in the Puna District and on Hawaii’s Big Island for over 5 years, and as anyone knows whether visitor or resident it’s a love affair that lasts a lifetime. It’s a love affair with the land and its people.

Pahoa Town was our “go to” place for gas, groceries, supplies, music, restaurants and shops. I lived in an area by the ocean where I could see the steam plume from my lanai. It flowed southwest into the ocean across the pali near Kalapana for years. Since July 27, 2014, it has been flowing in the opposite direction of northeast toward more populated areas. And now, it encroaches Pahoa Town.

I will be posting articles and updating my blog regularly. I will be visiting Hawaii’s Big Island from November 6th-December 2nd and hope to be able to visit my Ohana that live in Seaview and off Red Road, but sadly if Highway 130 gets covered I may be unable to do so.

Posting respectfully to those affected by the lava will be my first priority. Blessings and love to those in her path.

Photo posted on Facebook by Mileka Lincoln

Photo posted on Facebook by Mileka Lincoln

Lava Now 70 yards from nearest residential home


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