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Anna FBook

Anna lived for 5 1/2 years on the southeast coast of Hawaii’s Big Island approximately 5 miles from Kilauea’s current lava flow into the ocean. She enjoys writing about a variety of subjects relating primarily to this area, as well as, Hawaii’s Big Island and Hawaii in general. Occasionally she’ll write about interests relating to national and global issues or human interest pieces.

Possessing an affinity for science and technology, she almost always incorporates these perspectives into her articles. A corporate executive for 20 years in various fields such as IT,  telecommunications and emerging technology her broad scope of knowledge combines with her passion for nature and life experiences to provide readers with thoughtful expressions.

Thank you for visiting The Daily Flow and please feel free to provide feedback and comments! All are appreciated.


  1. Hi Anna,
    I am considering a visit to the Big Island in May and wanted to ask if you thought if Dolphin Beach was the best or only place to sunbathe nude. I am also looking for a place to do some nude snorkeling. Thanks and have a good day. Brian

    • Hi Brian,
      Kehena Beach is not the only clothing optional beach on Big Island. There is another beach on the West side at mile marker 67. It’s not easy to get to – you have to park your car and hike in. It’s beautiful but you risk parking your car out of sight. Same with Kehena, too. As a rule don’t leave anything in the car that would tempt someone to smash and grab.
      That said – snorkeling at Kehena Beach can be risky. It really depends upon the day, and the current. Snorkeling at Beach 67 is probably smoother. The best snorkeling is down from Kehena Beach at the Kapoho Tide pools. And if you decide to go down there, email back and I’ll tell you the “local” tide pool to go to. It’s no ka oi – the best! Not sure about snorkeling nude there though.

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